Corn is Amazing

How Corn Grows

Apple Blossom Pollination

Blossom Pollination

Farm Map

Farm Map


Siemers Farm provides an excellent opportunity for both FUN and EDUCATION at the same time!
We offer Tours on Fridays and Mondays during October and have a variety of downloadable Coloring Book and Science Project pages.

We have exciting activities planned around a mini-curriculum designed so children and adults alike will become aware of the -

5 Learning Goals

Each participant will learn how:

(1) Corn grows;

(2) Pumpkins grow;

(3) Bees + Blossoms = Apples;

(4) To read a map;

(5) Farmers market their crops.

We also have some Science Projects and Delicious Recipes available for you to download and use as you see fit.
None of these projects are copyrighted so feel free to use
and modify them as needed.

Apple Blossom Pollination Science Project

Corn Science Project

Potato Storage Science Project

How to Dry Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

How Pumpkins Grow

How Pumpkins Grow

How Potatoes Grow

How Potatoes Grow

Storing Potatoes

Storing Potatoes